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This page contains information that will help you better understand the program's expectations during the selection process. It is possible that the better you understand the expectations, the better your chances of
making the team. The 2024 season begins Feb 26.


Is there a preseason meeting for baseball signups?

Freshmen will meet with Coach Ostrowski during an ac lab in room 222 (Feb 14, Mod 1 & Mod 2). You will only need to attend one of those meetings. Contact Coach Ostrowski for more details ( Players will sign up during the meeting. Much of the info given during the meeting is found on this page. The coach will also give detailed information and answer questions about tryouts. The jv and varsity players are expected to talk to their coaches individually in order to sign up.


What will be discussed at the pre season meeting?

Tryouts/practice for all levels begin on Feb 26 for the 2024 season. Unless a coach notifies you, tryout for your grade level team. In order to tryout, you must sign up by emailing your grade level coach. Send him an email with your name, primary position, & secondary position.

  • Freshmen email Coach Ostrowski (

  • JV email Coach Wright (

  • varsity email Coach Meyer (

• Have an updated physical completed/filed with the nurse for the current season (Privit profile must be dated 7/1/22 or later) and pass six classes during the Fall semester **a physical dated after 7/1/22 is good for two years & a physical dated after 7/2/23 is good for one year**

• Use the following website info to complete the online Privit process and review the requirements on the MHS Athletics Page:  

  • Marquette Athletic Downloads:

  • Participation in Athletics:

• Always be prepared to go outside or inside. That means have the following items with you every day for practice: gym shoes, baseball hat, baseball pants or sweatpants, t-shirt, shorts, glove, bat (if desired), baseball shoes (spikes or cleats), long sleeve shirt, and sweatshirt. You will not be allowed to practice without these items. The weather and facility availability will determine if we practice outside or inside. You must be prepared for both. For example, the varsity may have to practice in the evening from 6:00 until 8:00 inside if and only if the weather is poor after school. If inside, the freshmen usually practice until 4:30 and the JV from 4:30-5:45. It is sometimes necessary to have pitchers throw before school a few times during the week. You must participate in 14 practices in order to play in the first game.
• We test a 78 feet run, the hex deadlift, & the standing broad jump either on February 20 or Feb 23 on the track if weather permits (if weather does not permit, we will test in a hallway). Please check the schedules on Marquette's website ( The junior varsity and varsity teams will practice and play during the weekends throughout the season. Spring break schedule 2024 (March 16-24): the varsity and junior varsity will practice and play games during spring break. The freshmen team will have a few practices during spring break (TBD). The varsity will play in the Willard Tournament (March 21-23) and the JV will also make the trip (March 22-23). 


Once you are selected, there will be a $125 fee for a game hat & two game jerseys, which you keep. You will need to purchase plain white pants, a navy belt and spikes (black, navy, grey, green, or white). Navy socks will be available for purchase on the online team store.


LOCKER USE DURING TRYOUT WEEK: The baseball locker room is across the hall from the wrestling room. LOCK EVERYTHING UP OR TAKE IT WITH YOU. This is a tryout. You must be prepared. The date for final cuts will be determined by a number of factors, although it is likely that the final teams will be selectd by March 2 for the 2024 season. If you have any questions or concerns see your coach. Once the team is made, a parents meeting will be held on March 5th in the small gym OR the commons.


How many players tryout?

The freshmen team will have approximately 40 tryout (give or take ten on any given year). The junior varsity (made up of the best freshmen, sophomores & juniors not playing for the varsity) will usually have approximately 25 tryout (give or take five on any given year). The varsity will usually have approximately 25 tryout (give or take five on any given year).


Can freshmen play on the junior varsity or varsity?

Yes, if it appears he will start. If so, he must first prove he is superior to his peers before being promoted to another level. The coaches are constantly looking at the big picture and evaluating competition for each position according to grade level. We try to avoid having any one position overloaded in each class. We consider playing time and each team's specific needs. The program focuses on player development.


How many players are usually kept on each level?

Each team tries to keep around 16-18 players. Playing time is the main issue, therefore the fewer players on each team, the more chances for playing time. Also, the fewer players on each team, the more repetitions for each player in practice. The program tries to keep 4 outfielders, 5 infielders, 2 catchers, and at least 6 pitchers at each level. This is not always the case, but a simple goal for each level going into the season. Pitchers may also play another position.


How are practices/tryouts organized?

The varsity & junior varsity practice together. The freshmen practice alone. There are occasions when the jv and freshmen practice together. Each player must participate in 14 practices in order to be eligible for games.


What position should I tryout for?

Be versatile. Be a BALLPLAYER. Avoid thinking you are only a shortstop or centerfielder. We believe there is a difference in ability between corner outfielders and centerfielders and corner infielders and middle infielders.


How well do you run, hit, and throw?

Some players don't run or hit well but have a good arm. If so, we enourage you to pitch. The best middle infielder usually plays shortstop and the second best middle infielder plays 2nd base. Other infielders become corner infielders (as long as they can hit). Our best outfielder (fast and best arm) is usually the centerfielder and the other outfielders (as long as they can run and hit) play left and right field. These are hypothetical scenarios and not always the hard fast rule. Try to have two positions: a primary and secondary position. Pitchers are allowed to play other positions as long as they prove themselves defensively and as a hitter.


What are the coaches looking for?

There are many factors that effect the selection process. The following list gives you a better understanding of what the coaches are looking for:
• your effort in the classroom matters (each varsity team since 2003 had a team GPA above 3.25)
• avoid using the phrase "I know" (if you "knew" you would already be doing it)
• attend our summer camps prior to 9th grade
• be organized (pay attention to announcements & hand in paperwork on time)
• communicate with your coaches
• your habits determine your success and you determine your habits
• there is a difference between good and great
• hustle, hustle, hustle



What is being evaluated during tryouts?
Arm strength, foot speed, bat speed, explosiveness (broad jump), and defense. Arm strength and bat speed are measured with a radar gun. The foot speed is measured with a stopwatch. The explosiveness tests will be measured in feet and inches. These tests create objective results that can be compared from player to player. If we can get outside for defense, we will spend a long time evaluating ground balls and fly balls. The pitchers throw 15 pitch bullpens twice a week (Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday). Balls and strikes are recorded as well as velocity. Pitchers need to consistently throw low strikes and change speeds (fastball and off speed pitch for strikes in any count).


What if the weather is bad?

This may have to be done inside in the second gym which is not an ideal situation, but may be necessary. Will a scrimmage occur during tryouts? We hold controlled scrimmages. It is fast paced without live pitching. We do not scrimmage live because it is possible that the best player on the team may not see a strike or field a ball. The fastest player may hit a fly ball, get out and not have a chance to steal a base. It is possible the best pitchers walk the best hitters. These scenarios are numerous. Players can get lucky or have bad luck. The controlled scrimmage allows players to play an up tempo game without live pitching. We play 7 inning games in just over 30 minutes and are able to see many players handle a variety of situations in game speed.


Something to consider...

The best athletes or hardest throwers or fastest runners don't always make the team just as the nine best players don't usually start. We try to put the best nine on the field that play for each other as one unit. Chemistry is a vital component to the program's success. The coaches may find it necessary to cut a player regardless of skill level because their conduct is detrimental to the team. Did you know there was a strength & conditioning program three times per week from September through February? Did you know that we have cages & bullpens every Sunday afternoon in January and February? These are voluntary workouts that provide each player an opportunity to improve and further develop arm strength, foot speed, bat speed, explosiveness/athleticism, and power. If any of the afore mentioned information seems unreasonable, then it is possible that this baseball program is not for you. It is safe to say that you select this program as much as it selects you.


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